PicMonkey CollageAdmit it. You’re guilty – or has social media had you framed? Endless graduation parties, weddings, and family events probably have your Instagram, Facebook and other social media sites clogged up with photos. Don’t let your photos live on social media when they deserve to be adorning your walls – (no worries, I’m guilty of this as well!) Here’s an idea – send them to print and snag one of these fabulous frames by Umbra! Whether you are decorating your dorm room, or livening up your living space with your favorite captured memories – there is a frame for you. Check out some of my favorites below! Get Framed – by Umbra. 

Top Left to Right:

Instapic Floppy Frame – perfect for those #tbt pics =)

Snap Frame – set of 9, personalize the molded plastic frame with dry erase pens!

Instapic TV Frame – bringing back memories of it’s own of the unfortunate times you had to get up to change the channel…

You & Me Frame – too cute for words!

Clipline Photo Display – a collage for the overly organized


Urbn Legend

Urban legends…the tales of folk lore that have been changed, twisted and fluffed to keep up with pop culture. We have all heard them at one point in time, some tales are more believable than others. Truth is, no one really has any justification or facts to base these legends on. Until today.

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See it, and believe it. Urbn, a collection by Modloft is quickly becoming something that you’ll want to spread the word about. These items are unique in design – innovative and functional – and will serve every purpose you need them to. Combining traditional comfort, modern concepts, and attention grabbing color combinations, these pieces are not something you’ll want to change any time soon. It’s that legendary. Create your own legend with Urbn.

Pictured above: Klaus Base & Modular Shelving, Torvi Ottoman, Dolf Round Coffee Table, Dolf Side Table


2015 Hot List Forecast

Can you believe the new year already starts tomorrow at midnight?!  With the new year on it’s way, our trendsetters looked into their crystal ball and predicted the hottest items for 2015. They consist of some of 2014’s classic best sellers, mid-century favorites that are trending all over Pinterest and blogs, and some swanky new accessories that serve as stylish and functional. You don’t want to miss this and be the last to know!


Before and After: Ellen Pompeo’s Dramatic Trailer Makeover!

Have you seen Ellen Pompeo’s incredible “Grey’s Anatomy” trailer makeover? Originally outfitted in brown, plastic, faux-bois paneled walls, clunky wood furniture that were bolted to the ground, and barren window boxes that provided little light from the outside world, Pompeo and the Domaine team set out to transform the dungeonous motor home into a fresh, tranquil hangout spot without breaking the bank.



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Our “Standard Style Chairs” helped transform Ellen Pompeo’s trailer from “drab” to “fab!”






Check out the full article here. What do you think of this makeover?


Modern Mom & Baby Shop

Calling all new moms and mom-to-be’s, everywhere! Our “Mom & Baby Shop” is a one-stop shop to fill all your nursery needs- rocking chairs, changing tables, high chairs, cribs, blankets and decor! We even threw in some modern lounge chairs for you to relax in when spending time with your little one. Come on in and browse the shop!



Inmod Holiday Shop – Up to 25 % off Thanksgiving Essentials

It’s not too late to pull off a stylish dining oasis on a budget for Thanksgiving! Wine & Dine with your loved ones with our hand-picked curated selections that will have you totally covered and in the holiday spirit. Browse our collection of stocked tabletop accessories, floor coverings & lighting to full dining sets,tables & chairs, and order before Tues, 9/18 for guaranteed delivery by Thanksgiving.

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