NY Times: Solid Like Stone

If you have a print copy of the New York Times, be sure to head to section D3 to read about Zachary A. Design, an awesome collection of innovative outdoor furniture that is available at Inmod. If you prefer to get your news online, you can read about it here.

What makes the modern outdoor furniture of Zachary A. Design so unique is its texture and materials. You can see in the image above that the furniture looks like it is made from concrete or a type of stone, which are both heavy materials. In all actuality, each of these pieces are lightweight! They can easily be lifted because they are made from a unique combination of sand, stone and fiberglass.

Get the full details from the New York Times website!

Be sure to head over to Inmod to shop Zachary A. Design this weekend and receive 10% off!!

4th of July Jello

via Jelly Shot Kitchen

There’s a lot you can do with red, white and blue desserts and drinks – but how about combining the two? We talked about the Jelly Shot Kitchen last week, but you’ve just got to see what they’ve made for the 4th!

Isn’t it wonderful? I love how the colors fade! You can find the recipe here.

What fun and festive foods are you making for the 4th?

June Giveaway at Inmod

It’s giveaway time!

For June’s giveaway, Inmod is giving away $350 towards a custom duvet from the Design Your Own Duvet Studio.

Enter to win by leaving a comment on this post stating which pattern you will chose. You will have to register to leave a comment, if you haven’t done so in the past. [All of the patterns can be found here!]

To gain more entries, you can do one of three things:

1) Leave a comment about the video above. Comment about why you love our modern bedding here.

2) Post on Facebook by tagging Inmod in the following message: I entered to win a custom duvet cover from @Inmod. Click here to enter:

3) Post on Twitter with the following message: I entered to win a custom duvet cover from @Inmod. Click here to enter:

The contest ends on Thursday, June 30th at 11:59 PST. A winner will be notified by Friday, July 8th. Good luck!!

UPDATE: This giveaway has been extended until Friday, July 1st to 11:59 PST. Happy 4th of July weekend!!!


Made in the USA

Items made in the USA can be considered eco-friendly due to the small amount of transportation needed when the item is shipped within the country.

This week, we bring you our favorite made in the USA item: the Babette Holland Kiss Lamp. Available in a variety of gorgeous finishes, this modern lamp is handmade by a master spinner. Add some vibrance to your modern living room, bedroom, office – wherever you please!

Check out the entire Babette Holland collection for a variety of modern table lamps and mirrors that are all made right here in the United States!


Happy Summer!

Let’s celebrate the first day of Summer with a day relaxing outside on the beautiful Polizzi Outdoor Sofa Set.

While eating delicious Watermelon Basil Martini Jelly Shots from the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen. ABCD Design blogged about the Jelly Shot Test Kitchen yesterday – just in time for the first day of Summer!

Can’t you just see your guests relaxing on the sofa set while passing out some of those refreshing jelly shots? I sure can!!

Happy first day of Summer!


Design Your Own Tabletop

Here at Inmod, you know we’re a fan of design tools that assist in helping you “design your own.” Since we’re used to pillows and duvets, we’d thought it’d be fun to check out the Tabletop Design Tool, a new feature up on Anthropologie’s website.

The Design Tool has a set of fun features that allow you to rotate, duplicate and send one image to the front or back of another. Whether you want to practice setting a table the correct way, or just want to experiment and get some tabletop inspiration, the Design Tool lets you create all sorts of designs, like the examples Anthropologie provides, shown below.

What are your thoughts on tabletop designs? Do you like to plan them out or just throw something quick together?