The Importance of Color in Your Home

The Importance of Color in Your Home

Aesthetics impact more than what meets the eye, it affects your subconscious. Since the subconscious part of your brain has a direct relationship to your health, giving your home a makeover can be more valuable than you can imagine. It helps get rid of nagging negative concepts & gives you a fresh start. On top of stimulating creativity, you will find that your emotional health can improve with a few simple innovations.

The same theory applies to which colors you choose for your home. For many years interior designers & artists have used different colors to effect viewers’ moods, feelings & emotions. Further investigation revealed that colors are a powerful communication tool that can influence moods, provoke actions & affect the subconscious mind.

Take a look at the results of these studies to see the effects of colors on human psychology. The answers may surprise you, but better yet they will give you an idea of what colors you should use in your home. Sit back & prepare to be inspired!

Color Therapy in Your Home

Environmental Temperature Affects Color Preference – Climate affects more than just what type of clothes you wear. In a study people in warm climates overwhelmingly preferred cooler colors (blue, purple & green), while those living in cold climates chose warmer colors (red, orange & yellow). This interesting effect can help you find a balance in your home.

Too Much Yellow Affects Babies – Researchers recently discovered that babies cry more in yellow rooms. Try moving this color out of your child’s bedroom & into the kitchen or bathroom to keep this optimistic color represented in your home.

The Color Green Can Prevent Nightmares – This color has become a favorite for children’s bedrooms due to its calming nature. Reports have pointed that the color green has a natural balancing effect & can help prevent nightmares in young children.


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