3 Essential Questions to Ask New Roommates

3 Essential Questions to Ask New Roommates

There are plenty of times where you need to ask the right questions, picking a new roommate is one of them. Whether you are moving into a new place or picking a new roommate, you need to do your homework. There are a few questions that will help you dive deep into the psyche of your potential roommate. Once you ask the right questions, you can decide whether they are compatible with you.

It’s never easy sharing a home with someone new, but these questions will make things easier. We scoured the internet & consulted psychiatrists to figure out exactly which questions work. Shine the light on potential roommates with these insightful questions!

Best Questions to Ask Potential Roommates

Question #1: What’s Your Favorite Temperature? – Peoples’ temperature preferences vary wildly. Some people like to bask in the cold while others prefer hotter temperatures. Figuring out where the thermostat will stay is the basis of a peaceful relationship. Don’t be surprised when they move in!

Question #2: How Are the Bills Getting Paid? – This has to be cleared up before you invite someone into your home. Establishing time windows of when the bills will be paid is crucial for making this work. So figure out a schedule for when they are paying their half of the bills. Be strict, because nothing in life is free.

Question #3: How do You Handle Conflict? – Even though this is an awkward question, it’s worth asking. Some people like to be direct while others will hold silent grudges for decades. Generally, people with the same disposition get along the best. Once you know how they handle disputes you will know if this partnership will work.


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