Established in 2003 by Joe Futschik, jefdesigns is a one man (and one dog) design studio that started with hand painted panels and has expanded to lamps, rugs, pillows, clocks, paintings, and more with nature used as inspiration in most of his designs. His work can be seen in restaurants, bars, hotels, department stores and personal residences. I was intrigued to know more, so Joe was kind enough to answer a few questions of mine.


1. What made you decide to start your own business?

I was a fine art major in college and gravitated towards design in 2000. I also don’t work well for others. I work great with others though 🙂

2. Where do you find most of your inspiration for your designs?

I find inspiration everywhere, actually. Nature is a big one, but also architecture, fashion, art, and even food inspires me.

3. I see you are based in Portland, Oregon. What is a common hobby in Oregon that we might be surprised to hear about?

I’m not sure if anything about Portland surprises anymore. (Thanks Portlandia) What I find inspiring about Portland is the sheer number of creative entrepreneurs making a go of their business and usually outside of the conventional business model.

4. What was your proudest or most exciting moment with jefdesigns?

I feel really fortunate to say the moment keeps changing with every evolution of jefdesigns. Two that come to mind- my first very large order to a store in Puerto Rico and my first publication in a French design magazine. More recently I was selected as a feature artist for Kaiser Permanente Hospital with 250 wall size images. (as seen below)



5. You are a one man (and dog) design company. How do you juggle it all?

Once I figure that out I will definitely let you know. Some months/years can be incredibly productive with amazing opportunities while other periods I hear the sound of crickets. Having faith that things will come around has been a long-term process that I think I’m finally getting the hang of.

Thank you to Joe Futschik for the honest answers! Be sure to check out all of his products we offer here!

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