Ragnarok – Pronounce it however you wish!

Ragnarok – Pronounce it however you wish!

Taking it’s name from an epic battle in Norse mythology, the Ragnarok Dining Table is bold, distinct and inspired by generations of clean modern Scandinavian design. In true Scandinavian fashion, the Ragnarok abstracts nature’s ornateness and breaks it down into the simplest of forms – giving us sleek angles that just feel natural and “right.”

pura-via-dining-table-sideRagnarok Dining Table – $692 (while our 10% off promotional discount lasts)

We fell in love with Ragnarok at first sight for a few reasons. Its antler-style base gives us a look that works equally well in a rustic cabin and in a trendy modern urban loft. It seats six comfortably and you can pair it with virtually any style of chair (see below) and in doing so, it seems to take on a different personality completely.

Beyond it’s looks, there’s quite a bit under the hood that provides a tremendous value for under $700! Ragnarok’s top is constructed of an unusually high quality of MDF that is environmentally friendly and quite advanced technically! The top is actually covered in an eco-friendly, waste-free, family-friendly powder coating that not only gives it a luxurious even shine, but makes it resistant to scratches, stains, and burns.

Check out some of our favorite Raganok pairings below:





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