Spring Fling!

Spring Fling!

Why make a long term commitment to drab decor, when you can keep your home modern and fresh all year round? Here at Inmod, we love keeping it fresh, especially during the spring! So ditch the muted colors and solids, it’s time to have some fun with prints, patterns and lots of color! You could achieve a crisp look with accent pieces, and just switch them out with the seasons – no long term commitments! Trade that gray throw for a nice mint blue or yellow. Switch out your bath towels from montoned colors to something with a pattern. Throw a fun wall piece up in the living room. Spring is all about pastels, warmth, the outdoors, and renewal! So we picked a few pieces we thought would definitely uplift any room in your home! We have got you covered from floor to ceiling, wall to wall. It doesn’t take a lot – just a touch here and there.  Add fresh air and sunlight for maximum effect! Happy Spring from all of us to you!


Ghost Vase – $29.00

We love this double walled glass vase for so many reasons – the most amazing element of this is that you could change the color simply by changing the water, or filling the vessel with a glow stick. This would look amazing with a fresh arrangement of white gardenias and a pop of colored water! Make your dining table centerpiece the center of conversation.


Aimee Wilder Baby Wall Paper – 5 yards – $165.00

We offer a plethora of wall papers, but this design is one of my favorites for spring. The pink will brighten up any room in your home. Utilize it for an accent wall, or even for a do it yourself furniture restoration project!


Gemini Pillow – $75.00

Accent pillows are a great way to rejuvenate a space. and they are cost effective. I love this particular pillow because it isn’t too overwhelming, but has a great hint of yellow. Yellow is a great color to utilize in your decor as it matches with nearly anything, and is the embodiment of warmth! Jazz up your living room or bedroom with a fun accent pillow!

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Mod Wall Art: Retro Squares (Set of 8) – $42.00

Spring is all about renewal, creating, and refreshing things. These Retro Squares encompass all of these elements, as you could paint them any hue you’d like, and make hang them in any way you see fit! They have an adhesive backing and can be stuck to any wall, and taken off just as easily. These would look great in a turquoise, orange, coral or yellow on a mono-toned wall! I think an ombre effect would be a great modern look that would add a trendy look to any living room!


Melrose Rocks – (Set of 4) $18.50

How can you bring spring into a kitchen you ask? Well, by adding color and polka dots! Available in green, orange, ruby, cobolt or yellow – you could  mix and match colors or choose one of the lovely blown frosted glass sets. My favorite element of these glasses is that they are a great way to introduce modernism to your kitchen, but they are also fun and can be utilized daily…plus they’re dishwasher safe!!


Molded Eiffel Plastic Side Chair with Wood Legs – $119.00

These classic staples of modern design are essential for any season, and for anyone! They are available in pink, red, orange, light blue, black or white. They are sold in pairs, so you can order two year round colors, like black and white, and add some spring to it with any of the other colors! Perfect for the dining room or kitchen!


Lights up! Devo Square Table Lamp – $118.00

These lamps from lights up boast a variety of patterned, colored, and printed shades. There are so many different options to choose from! You can also select from a multitude of different bases. Add some light and bright to your home this spring!


Sally Stools – $79.00

Green tea and melon.. sounds refreshing and crisp right? Perfect for the spring! Well the Sally Stool is offered in both of these spring inspired colors. Perfect for children and adults alike!


Landscape Collection: Hang Planter – $72.00

Nothing says spring like flowers, and plants do. Whether you’re looking to add to your garden area, or even breathe some life into a kitchen area, or living room, this planter will definitely grow on you in no time! With fun colors like Orange, Mustard, and Turquoise – and easy drainage, and strong steel cables that hold this sturdily, you can’t go wrong with this purchase!


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