Passport to the Mediterranean

Passport to the Mediterranean

The Mediterranean is known and adored for many reasons, but in the heart of these magical places, island living boasts beautiful earthy, open designs. The usage of natural light and resources are only a dash of what makes the islands so appealing. The white sandy beaches with beautiful mystical blue waters, the fresh fruits and vegetables, fish and home-made wines make for a very unparalleled experience to anywhere in the world.  In Spain, Greece, Sicily and many other places, earth tones and nature, and hand crafted items are placed on the forefront of design. Hand carved wood, mosaic tiles, and gardens can be found in almost every home in these regions. Color schemes always incorporate various shades of blues, whites, beiges and greens. This Mediterranean lifestyle is irresistible, and so is the decor! While it is not always easy to venture out to these gorgeous locations, you could feel like you’re there without stepping outside of your home. Here’s how:

Maroc Rug
PCH Series Dining Table
Aberdeen Mirror
Falling Water Fountain
Neptune Vase
Glass Tile Modern Art
Fitzrovia Bed
Canal Sofa
Mary Swivel Chair

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