Dining Like a Deity

Dining Like a Deity

Although the twelve gods of Mt. Olympus were said to have very different personalities and duties, they all sat down to eat together for a meeting of the minds. Kind of sounds like one big happy family right? Well, they were on to something there. Gather around the Olympus Table and have a family feast! For this style, I chose rustic, antique looking items, also golden tones and silver hues to represent regality, and shades of white to represent divinity. On Olympus – Hephaestus was in charge of building, welding, and creating material things. We might not have him, but we do have the hand made Kochi  which is the Olympus tables matching bench. This dining table and matching benches boast an old world rustic European charm. The gods loved the arts. They listened to Apollo play musical instruments, while Aphrodite embodied all that was beautiful and left sweet smelling flowers every where she went. Hestia was responsible for the hearth and keeping everyone warm. Bring the three together for a fun centerpiece with the Flute Vase, The Homage Vase II (of course filled to the brim with lovely bouquets). and The Cosmos Candlesticks.  Like Zeus and Hera, King and Queen of Olympus – feel like royalty with golden Buckler Plates. Fill your Artenica Transglass Jug to the brim with water as Poseidon would, or grab a bottle of wine from the Hades inspired Inferno Bottle Holder. The Athena Rug lives up to it’s name, a wise choice for any room, reminding us always to extend the olive branch and ties the decor together wonderfully. Though Medusa wasn’t welcome on Olympus, we welcome her in the form of the beautiful Medusa Pendant Lamp which makes this decor even grander. Adorn the walls with the Wings Wall Graphic  which is a combination of multi toned brushed aluminium almost magical as Hermes, the winged messenger.  Ares and Artmeis were the protectors of the family, the god of ware and the goddess of hunting respectively – the two were always on the hunt. With hands like the points of spears the Artemis Antique Wall Clock  is the final step to achieving this inspired look. or add The Etting Accent table for good measure. Now get your family and friends around the table, and share some stories, or brush up on your mythology!

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