Flashback Friday: The 1900’s

Flashback Friday: The 1900’s

The 1900’s were significant for many reasons – one of the main reasons was the building of industries. This was a period of dreamers, thinkers and doers. These development of auto-mobiles, planes, and other types of machinery created a demand for manufacturing plants and factories. Large buildings rose up in cities across the country, demanding for expansion for mass production. This was a booming time for the United States, and the first decade saw through a lot of successful communication inventions – the radio, the telephone the typewriter, which made it easier for people to get in touch and connect faster than ever. While industries, communication, arts and literature were thriving, most people were occupied trying to continue this era of enlightenment. Most worked long, hard hours in factories doing various hard labor jobs. The 1900’s were essentially where the foundation of all great business, and hard working people grew from. This is one of the many reasons why I love industrial design. The mix of reclaimed woods, steel and textiles make you feel like you are taken back into time where it all started. Factories were almost always dimmer, as they were in warehouses with little to no lighting – most often just large windows. Thus, mostly everything was dark. We see that reflected into industrial furniture and decor as it’s palette is composed of muted, warm to dark colors.  The use of metals in these designs offset the darker colors and really give it the special effect it deserves. See links below to find our version of a 1900’s influenced living room, and have fun building your dream!

Civic Center Coffee Table

Aero Bookcase

Divani Casa Sectional

Logan End Table

Castro Armchair

Chocolaterie Decorative Boxes

Industrial TV Unit

Kaho Antique Decorative  Jugs

Reclaimed Rope Chandelier 

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