Passport To Mexico: Cinco De Mayo !

Passport To Mexico: Cinco De Mayo !

Cinco De Mayo is definitely a day of celebration, even for the United States. However, many do not know the roots of this holiday and how it came to be. The fifth of May is now more of an American holiday, but it is celebrated in Mexico as Mexico’s victory at the Battle of Puebla. In honor of this holiday, let’s take a look at Mexican style in all of its colorful richness and culture! Mexico has a plethora of textiles (usually handmade) that are used for clothing and the home. With designs influenced from the time of the Aztec Empire, these beautiful patterned rugs, blankets and clothing have had a huge presence not only in Mexico, but around the world as they became common trade for the country. Also common to Mexican design are bright colors, mixed and matched with different types of geometric patterns. From the influence of the Spaniards, they adopted painted tiles and mosaics.  Most items have the charm of being handmade – and truly display how beautiful the culture of Mexico is. With a combination of different traditions and styles being contributed to the country over centuries, their style has evolved and flourished and will continue to for years to come. We put together a few of our favorite items that have the look and feel of this beautiful country! Don’t be shy with colors and designs, just look at how beautiful our inspiration room is! Check out our Cinco De Mayo picks!

Featured Items

Beryl Table Lamp
Colorful Circles Wall Art
Vidal Console
Coloured Checkers Wall Art
Naoki Rug
Wegner Style CH24 Wishbone Chair
Skull Tiki Torch Set
Stone Face Sculpture
Umay Mirror
Mica Table Clock

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