Ladies’ Lounge

Ladies’ Lounge

There is a certain magic when hanging out with your girl friends. Don’t get me wrong, we all enjoy others’ company as well. However, just like our male counter parts, we need our own getaway place. Enter the Ladies’ Lounge, (or the Woman Cave). In this magical place, the secrets of the world are exchanged. We discuss things that can only be spoken about with each other. In other words, “girl talk”. It’s a place where we can talk about anything and everything, try on clothes, do our hair and nails, and just relax with a glass of wine. We know we deserve it! Whatever your occupation, personality, or hobbies are- we know you know exactly what we’re talking about! So if you don’t have your own lounge – why not put one together now? I consulted the ladies here at Inmod, and we chose a color scheme of silver, black, and white for our inspiration room. Pink was our accent color (we are serious about our pink here) and we came up with a few fun picks. You could always switch the accent color to a bright yellow, turquoise or red if you’re not into pink! Enjoy all, and thank you to my ladies for their contributions. =)

NIGHTFLY DRESSING TABLE // FATBOY BEANBAG // SALON PENDANT LIGHT // BALL CHAIR – MP3 OPTIONAL // Auskin Sheepskin Pillow // Wilco Side Table // Aristocrat Silver Armchair // Curved Contemporary Bar // Spiritual Buddha Statue // Theo Texture Pillow – Pink // MHC Black Wine Bottle Holder // Distratto Table Lamp // Emotion Sectional Sofa // Craft Candle Holder // Winfield Mirror // Vitro Stool // Madison Throw – Pink // Modern Classic Area Rug // Elm Coffee Table

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