Moroccan Chic

Moroccan Chic

Morocco has long been a source of inspiration for movies, cuisine, and design. With a city like Casablanca, how could you not be intrigued by this romantic destination? From the beautiful labyrinth walls that lead to the marketplaces of the medina (older villages or towns) – to newer cities with Andalusian styled architecture – there are so many gorgeous elements of design to absorb.  A variety of bright and bold colors, like turquoise, pink, orange, and yellow adorn interior walls as well as the exteriors of businesses and homes. Vectored patterns adorn clothing, textiles and furniture, and are usually handmade.  Structures that are unique in composition and architecture line the streets, palace like in their own rite.

African and Islamic influences come together in a homogeneous way to encompass this country’s beauty. They features of these cultures come to life in the form of gorgeous gardens enclosed by elaborate stone walls, cut out doorways shaped in beautiful curved patterns that are almost temple like. Plush, soft, comfortable furniture can be found in every home, with sheer scarves draped from awnings and bed posts.  Elegant Arabian lanterns and chandeliers are strung across homes and on the streets, providing a magical light to pedestrians and shoppers below. The hues and uses of metallic make for a perfect palette for any room, any time of year. Check out some really modern, chic takes on Moroccan style, and then be enchanted by our picks below!

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Nebula Ceiling Lamp // Inca Wall Hanging // Stardust Table Lamp

Soft Block Sofa

PCH Series Canopy Bed \\ Aberdeen Mirror

Savoy Bedset // Tile Wall Art

Soft Block Ottoman \\ Regatta Ottoman \\  Fatboy Metahlowski Beanbag

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