The New Black

The New Black

Love this all black room? We do! While all white rooms have a simple, elegant feel to them, so can an all black room, as the room above serves as a shining example. Any time there is the excess usage of one color, it can become “too much” if not done right. With white and light colored tones, it is a bit easier to work with as compared to darker hues like blue, black and red. However, the same rules apply to designing an all white room as they would any color. Most might see black as a Gothic go to, and certainly- that look can absolutely be achieved by using this color. However, there are ways to go all black without having it be too much, or less the Gothic effect. Black was never that popular in home decor and design, while black accent pieces are utilized frequently, all black was never really popular. However, these monotone rooms are introducing black in fabulous ways. With the usage of matte black paint, and some glossy black overlay decals, you can accomplish designing a beautiful unique yet modern room. With single color rooms, different shapes of furniture and décor should be used to give off a diverse aesthetic, and make the visuals easier on the eye. This also goes for textiles, and patterns and prints – the more diverse, the better! See our black room inspired pieces below!

Adora Pendant // Linus Lamp \\ Aristocrat Sofa // Way Basics Chelsea Shelf \\ Pentatonic Globe // Domani Swivel Ottoman \\ Ferm Living Wire Basket // Fola Candle Holder \\Stealth Coffee Table \\ Sculpture Area Rugadorapendant



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