Simple Elegance

Simple Elegance


Expert wood craftsmanship meets modern art through the Isometric Chair by Kalon Studios. This truly innovative design was created by utilizing a CNC machine to create furniture out of flat sheets of material. Simplicity and modesty  are the first things that come to mind when one sees the Isometric, however, this chair is the product of a complex design process which makes it that much more interesting. While its background is complex, it holds the timeless elegance of classic wood furniture reminiscent of a time when each piece of wood was hand carved and took days upon days to construct.

The Isometric truly the main attraction of any room it is put in, whether it is used at the dining room table or as an accent chair. While Kalon manufactures several pieces, this was the very first product of the line. Offered in Ash, White Oak, Bamboo and Black Walnut, it comes in a plethora of finishes that would surely suit any taste and decor. The finishes can even be mixed up for a different edgy look, and still look just as amazing! The most unique part about these chairs (and my personal favorite element of this line) is the option to have the furniture engraved. Different patterns include Honeysuckle, Trumpet and Fern. Aside from being Eco-Friendly, durable, and locally made, these chairs are truly an investment that will last a lifetime. See the Isometric Chair and the rest of the line here.

Isometric Line By Kalon

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