Aviation Admiration

Aviation Admiration

August 19th is known as National Aviation Day, and was proclaimed as such in honor of Orville Wright’s accomplishments – as well as his birthday. The first pair of aviators out of the United States were Orville and his brother, Wilbur. Together they changed history forever, breaking barriers and being the first to take flight at Kitty Hawk, North Carolina in 1907. At the turn of the Industrial Revolution – the first airplane took flight after many failed attempts. After various attempts to construct the perfect aircraft, they perfecting the design. Utilizing metals, spruce wood, and other materials, they built a machine that would change the world as we know it forever. Today’s airplanes are much different, constructed out of more sophisticated materials, and used to transport passengers, medicines, and for so many more meaningful reasons. However, let’s not forget how it all started. Here at Inmod, we love celebrating ground breaking ideas and innovative creations, so we’re showing our admiration today with of our aviation inspired picks below!

PicMonkey Collage

Left & Right Ends: Simonite Wall Lamp Container Sideboard Buffet, Aircraft Wall CanvasIndustrial Cart Coffee Table

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