Old World Charm

Old World Charm

PicMonkey CollageA long time ago, travel was an exclusive opportunity available to the wealthy, well connected, or extremely ambitious. Today, we are fortunate to have several avenues of transportation, and travel is feasible for almost anyone and everyone – you could pick up and go where ever and when ever you’d like. Let’s imagine for a moment that we were back in time before the magnificent invention of the airplane, train, or bus. Before this, people could read about the exotic locations they wanted to travel to and educate themselves on the ways of the locals. They could utilize maps to figure out what was where – or to plan a voyage if they had the assets. When friends and family members would trot the globe, they would visit and tell stories of their journeys and everyone would be all ears – never knowing if they’d experience the same.  While it’s hard to imagine a time like this existed, it surely did. Which is why the design of that era included grandiose libraries, maps, and comfortable furniture to relax in and accommodate guests.  We’re charmed by Old World ways, and sure you will be too! Check out our Old World Charm inspired pieces!

Chocolaterie Decorative Boxes // Map of the City // Distressed Book Ends

Christopher Globe Statue // Aero Side Table // Sculpture Area Rug // Teak Bookcase with Door

Barstow Chair // Birmingham Sofa // Barstow Chair


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