Don’t forget the sides

Don’t forget the sides


Alexa Accent Table  // Jasper End Table // Matrix Side Table // Louisa End Table // Harvey End Table

With Thanksgiving being a day away, I am quite sure we all have the main event planned. The Turkey has been prepared and is ready for the oven. The sides are all going to complement the turkey beautifully, and you spent hours thinking about them, planning and preparing them to make sure that they would be the perfect addition to the meal. I think a lot of times we under estimate the sides. I for one, prefer the side dishes. They are more than just meal enhancers. They are practically a meal of their own. How many people do you know that go back for second helpings of Turkey?….and Mashed Potatoes? Case and Point. Sometimes, it’s the sidekicks that make the difference. Without them, the main event would be, well, not much. Same goes for side tables. We design our living areas, and pick out side tables that match the decor. They fit right in. We don’t give them enough credit though. Like side dishes, they’re almost an afterthought. Think about what your living room would look like without side tables. Bland right? Kind of like just eating turkey on Thanksgiving. So let’s give the sides the credit they deserve. Plan around them for once…check out our side tables that are the main event, and we promise you’ll be asking for more! Picked my faves above, find yours here!

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