3 Things Every Dorm Room Needs

3 Things Every Dorm Room Needs

It’s no secret that in most dorm rooms, space is scarce. Unfortunately for bright eyed students, living in dorm rooms for the first time is tough. You are sharing space with people in the most economic of settings. This means that you have to sacrifice your privacy & personal space to further your education. While this isn’t the easiest transition in the world, it is doable. All you need is the right attitude & a few tools to save space.

We know it can be daunting finding the right things to bring your first semester. For this reason, we have compiled a list of must have items that will make living in cramped quarters a breeze. So prepare to step up your game with this eye opening list!

3 Things No Dorm Should Be Without

Item #1: Rolling Cart – The versatility of these carts is extraordinary. It can double as a nightstand, as well as being the perfect storage solution for extra odds & ends. These coveted features allow you to save a few extra square feet.

Item #2: Hook Racks – Whether it’s placed in the bathroom or behind the main door, hook racks will save the day. They give you some much needed space by allowing you to hang purses, backpacks & towels anywhere you want. Don’t let yourself get confined to normal storage solutions, think outside the box!

Item #3: Adjustable Bed Risers – Lifting up your bed a few inches will give you more storage space than you can imagine. There are sets available that can raise your bed up to 8 inches. Just be sure to check if your bed can accommodate risers before you try to install them!

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