3 Perfect Spots to Hide Your Valuables

3 Perfect Spots to Hide Your Valuables

It’s never fun when your home gets burglarized, but a few tricks can save you a lot of trouble. Learning where to hide your valuables is more than advantageous, it’s indispensable. If your prized possessions are hidden in out of the ordinary spots, odds are you wont lose them.

On average a burglar spends about 8-12 minutes inside each home or apartment. Since time is of the essence, usually only a few key areas get completely ransacked. This is usually the master bedroom, living room & office. These areas are targeted because they are the most likely places to find jewelry, safes & electronics.

Since they spend most of the time furiously searching in these areas, there are plenty of great spots to hide your things. Hiding valuables in the kitchen, hallways & laundry room gives you a fighting chance against robbers. For this reason we have come up with a list of 3 great spots to hide your most precious items. Prepare to get the upper hand on your home’s next unwanted intruder.

3 Great Hiding Spots

Hiding Spot #1: Pantry Items & Cleaning Supplies – There are plenty of brands of fake items to fill with cash or jewelry. You can even use the containers from used products to hide your valuables. Just make sure no one accidentally throws them away!

Hiding Spot #2: Wall Art – Covering a medicine cabinet with a hinged canvas piece will give you plenty of space. You can also buy fake wall art that is relatively easy to install. This offers a stylish solution for hiding your treasures!

Hiding Spot #3: Air Vents – Installing a fold out air vent gives you an extremely advantageous hiding spot. Placing one of these in the hallway or bathroom ensures that no one will think twice about it. Try to install it close to the ceiling to add extra safety

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