Free Up Your Living Room With These 3 Hacks

Free Up Your Living Room With These 3 Hacks

After the financial crisis, most of us have been stuck with cramped living rooms. Not all of us were blessed with a living room closet, so we have been forced to make do with what we have. Luckily, adding more storage space to your living room is easier than you think. All that’s needed is a little creativity & investment. The hardest part is figuring out what you really need.

Once you have a game plan, creating more storage space is easy. We have compiled a list of easy to execute hacks that will revolutionize your living room. Don’t settle for less, your home deserves to be less cluttered!

3 Hacks to Win Back Your Living Room Space

Hack #1: Ceiling High Bookshelves – When using normal bookshelves, you lose some much needed storage space. Ceiling high bookshelves help bridge the gap to make the most out of your space. While this may seem like overkill, you need all the space you can get. The higher you go, fill up the shelves with things you need less often!

Hack #2: Risers – Everyone has heard of risers for beds, but few know that they are perfect for your couch. Add some much needed inches to your furniture with this innovative hack. You will be amazed at how easy it is to make your furniture “grow up”!

Hack #3: Hanging Baskets – If you are searching for the perfect DIY project, this is it. All you have to do is purchase woven baskets & convert them into hanging baskets with some string. This will add both flair & storage space to your living room!

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