Revamp Your Bedroom With These Wild Decor Items

Revamp Your Bedroom With These Wild Decor Items

The New Year is the perfect time to shake up your bedroom décor. For the past year or more you have woken up to the same decorations. This can keep you trapped in routines that aren’t working for you. Studies show that bedroom décor does more than just look good, it can have a powerful impact on your psyche.

Here at InMod we believe in fresh starts. Getting rid of lackluster décor can do wonders for your mental health. Fortunately, you don’t have to break the bank to try something new. We have compiled a list of wild additions that can revamp any bedroom. Prepare to be united with your next favorite piece of décor!

3 Ways to Rejuvenate Your Bedroom

Wild Décor Item #1: Stylish Nightstands – Pretty much anything with a flat surface can be transformed into a nightstand. This opens up doors to a slew of new choices. From ornate chairs to drum sets, there are plenty of options that you never thought of.

Wild Décor Item #2: Take Art to the Next Level – Printing up artsy canvases is appealing, but making it 3D is even better. Hanging an Indian themed rug or tapestry can bring your room to life. Try out this simple solution to add some class to your bedroom!

Wild Décor Item #3: Add Some Green – Nothing livens up a room like a potted plant. They are the perfect balance of natural beauty & simple elegance. Take advantage of these powerful features by adding them to your room. You can even hang them from the ceiling & use them as a green curtain in your window!

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Alexandra Dedovitch has a B.A. in Multimedia Communications and English. She is a professional writer, artist and designer. Her passion for writing, travel and design has led her to settle her roots in Arizona, a hub for modern and eclectic style. She is the founder of Folk Heart Creations, a blog dedicated to travel and self-expression through art and design. She has worked for Inmod since 2013, both in-house and freelance.

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