Learn How to Ditch Your Dining Room

Learn How to Ditch Your Dining Room

When moving into a smaller home, the dining room is usually the first thing to go. This treasured aspect of most homes is convenient, but it’s also far from necessary. Most of us have grown accustomed to religiously eating in dining rooms. Now that more people are having to make budget cuts, this familiar luxury is going out the window. Fortunately there is hope, living without a dining room is easier than many think.

All that’s needed is a few strategic adjustments & a dining room is obsolete. After seeing how simple this transition can be, you will wonder why you ever splurged on one in the first place. For this reason, we have compiled a list of tried & true tricks to live without a dining room. Prepare to be blown away by these shockingly simple solutions!

3 Ways to Live Without a Dining Room

Trick #1: Mount a Table – No matter how cramped your apartment is, there’s always a section of the wall that’s free. This is the perfect place to mount a table that folds into the wall. This allows quick setup & takes up virtually no space. It’s also surprisingly easy to install, so there’s no excuse not to try it!

Trick #2: Go Bistro – Bistro tables are notorious for fitting into small spaces. Their small circular surface makes them ideal for those who have had to sacrifice their dining rooms. Just add one to any free space you got!

Trick #3: Convert Your Balcony – If there’s a balcony, there’s the potential for a new dining space. All that’s needed is a small table & a few chairs. As long as the weather permits, this is the perfect place to start your day!

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