Surprising Factors When Switching to a Projector

Surprising Factors When Switching to a Projector

Getting a projector is a big commitment, so it’s essential to explore your options. It’s no secret that getting sick of a TV in your living room is easy. To be honest, TV’s are eyesores. When they are turned on, they provide entertainment, but when they are shut off they still take up a big chunk of your décor. This space will never be won back, unless you switch to a projector.

Wanting to go back to the movie theater days is easy, but picking the right projector is surprisingly challenging. There are a slew of models to choose from, & some are just as unappealing as a turned off TV. For this reason, everyone needs a game plan when picking their next entertainment option. We have compiled a list of essential factors to consider when buying your first projector. Prepare to switch over to a whole new world of entertainment!

Things to Look for When Buying a Projector

Factor #1: Pick the Right Drapes – While this may seem puzzling, it makes a huge difference for a projector. During the daytime, any light that enters through the window can mess with your image. Projectors are extremely sensitive to light, so thick drapes are essential to enjoy your films.

Factor #2: Figure Out Which Throw You Need – Most people will have no idea what throw is, but they will learn fast. Each projector has an ideal distance to project an image. If you want a 10 ft. screen, a projector with a 1.5 throw needs to be placed 15 feet away. This is an important factor to know, because some rooms won’t be able to accommodate all types of projectors. Take this into consideration when purchasing your new projector.

Factor #3: Your Budget – Despite what most people think, projectors aren’t always the cheapest option. The projector alone can easily cost $1,700, & there are plenty of other expenses. The screen & bulbs are both surprisingly expensive, so do your research before you buy. Many people recommend starting with a cheap projector. This allows you to switch to a better one after trying it out for a few months. You never know, this might be your next favorite entertainment option!

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