Refresh Your Walls By Framing These Items

Refresh Your Walls By Framing These Items

Against all odds, framed artwork is one of the most attainable décor additions. You won’t achieve this by buying renowned art pieces, but there are plenty of options that are just as appealing. Like most things, decorating on a budget means thinking outside the box. Throwing away obscene amounts of money on art isn’t just imprudent, it’s passé. Nowadays, everyone is looking for the best deal. Since budgets are tight, finding a bargain is much more noble than abusing your bank account.

Over the years, getting ahold of a killer piece of art has become surprisingly simple. All that’s needed is the right imagination, & the rest will fall into place. We have compiled a list of common items that look ravishing in frames. Prepare to revamp your décor with these shockingly simple options!

3 Common Items That Everyone Should Frame

Item #3: Wallpaper – This idea may seem crazy, but it’s one of the most attractive options to frame. If you don’t believe us, take a look at homes that have adopted this practice. The process is basic, but it can revamp any room. Simply take a generous section of vibrantly patterned graphics & put it into a large frame. This will add a burst of new design to your wall. For those of us who can’t afford multiple rolls of premium wallpaper, this method is a godsend. It allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, so take advantage of it!

Item #2: Blueprints – Once your home is built, the plans usually collect dust. There’s no need to hide them, since they make great displays. They contrast any décor, so they can’t be ignored. Keep your guests guessing with this unexpected addition!

Item #1: Calendar Photos – Everyone has a calendar that’s ready to be abandoned. Once the year has passed, most people assume that calendars are worthless. This is far from the truth, since they contain 12 high quality photos. Take advantage of this by framing each month’s graphic. You will be surprised at how many frames you will fill. If you want to get crazy, you can make a collage with all the different photos!

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