Win Back Kitchen Space With These Additions

Win Back Kitchen Space With These Additions

Having limited storage space in a kitchen is challenging, but it isn’t a death sentence. Since many Americans are moving into smaller homes, more people understand the struggle. As people move into cramped quarters they quickly realize that kitchen storage space is a privilege, not a right. This can make cooking a nightmare, depending on how intricate your dishes are.

Most apartments have humble kitchens, so everyone has experienced a subpar kitchen at least once in their life. When confronted with limited space, you have to learn how to make due with what’s available. For this reason, knowing how to make the most out of your kitchen space is indispensable. We have compiled a list of additions that can make even the smallest kitchen more bearable. Prepare to see the light at the end of the tunnel, you have more options than you think!

3 Additions to Save Space in a Small Kitchen

Addition #1: Two Layered Drawers – When space is limited, it’s time to get creative. A double layered drawer doesn’t just save space, it opens doors to new storage options. This is a great way to store other items below your silverware. Give it a try to see the difference!

Addition #2: Roll-Out Pantry Cabinet – Everyone has a few inches of extra space next to their fridge, so make the most out of it. Instead of letting this go to waste, install a roll-out cabinet. It will allow you to store countless items, so jump on this opportunity!

Addition #3: Appliance Garage – Getting rid of counter clutter is as easy as making one simple installation, an appliance garage. This indispensable invention allows you to store your blender, microwave & coffee maker in one convenient location. They are relatively cheap to install, so get your countertop back under control!

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