Transform Your Apartment With Adhesive Hooks

Transform Your Apartment With Adhesive Hooks

Over the years, adhesive hooks have become a salvation for renters worldwide. They offer an invaluable alternative to drilling, while still being able to support a surprising amount of weight. This allows people to tidy up their homes without fear of angering their landlords. This groundbreaking tool has become indispensable for renters who are sick of the status quo.

Using adhesive hooks aren’t just empowering, they are extremely easy to apply. In a matter of minutes, you can transform any apartment. Like most tools, they are useless without a game plan & a healthy dose of creativity. For this reason, we have compiled a list of great ways to use adhesive hooks. Kiss mediocre décor goodbye as you open up doors to new decorating options with adhesive hooks!

3 Ways to Revamp an Apartment with Adhesive Hooks

Method #1: Install Curtains – Many renters wouldn’t believe how much weight adhesive hooks can hold. Instead of being doomed to using blinds, there are plenty of options at your disposal. Hanging up curtain rods used to be a chore, but things have come a long way. Now with adhesive hooks an installation can be completed in a matter of minutes. Adding a fresh burst of color to any room has never been easier, so install a new set of curtains this week!

Method #2: Domesticate Your Garden – Having an indoor garden doesn’t mean sacrificing valuable counter space. In fact, you can avoid using counters all together by hanging potted plants on adhesive hooks. Not only does it maximize available space, it looks amazing. Trip out your guests with this visionary approach to gardening.

Method #3: Secure Seat Cushions – This may seem a little odd, but it makes plenty of sense when using it. It’s no secret that wooden seats are uncomfortable, but no one wants to endure the eye sore of tied-on cushions. Instead of settling for either décor disaster, you can secure seat cushions to the chairs with adhesive strips. They will make any apartment cozier, so treat guests with something new!

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