Temporary Ways to Transform a Rental Kitchen

Temporary Ways to Transform a Rental Kitchen

Fixing up a rental kitchen seems daunting, but there are plenty of easy things to fix. When looking at a rental kitchen for the first time, the same shortcomings are usually painfully obvious. The home owner doesn’t share your passion for décor, so eye sore cabinets & outdated appliances run wild. While most people accept the fact that they are doomed to endure these interior design fiascos, there’s still hope.

Despite what many renters think, there’s a lot they can do to revamp their rental kitchen. Making a difference doesn’t have to be permanent, since all that’s necessary is a quick tune-up. There are plenty of temporary options that make a world of a difference. They are easy to overlook, which is why so many people endure horrific décor blunders. We compiled a list of easy to do fixes that can liven up even the most unappealing rental kitchen. They are all completely temporary, so don’t hold back with these innovative solutions!

3 Tricks to Save a Rental Kitchen

Trick #1: Remove Cabinet Fronts – Many rentals sport less than appealing cabinets. To add insult to injury, many landlords refuse to allow renters to paint them. This puts people in a tricky situation, since no one wants to deal with outdated cabinets. Luckily, there’s a surprisingly simple solution to this problem. All that’s needed is the removal of the cabinet doors. This opens up the kitchen in a modern way. The doors can be stored & reattached when you move out!

Trick #2: Reface Cabinet Doors – If open kitchen cabinets isn’t your style, there’s still hope. Cover the surface of the cabinet doors with contact paper. Once it’s on, cut out wild geometric designs. This will spice up any cabinet, & peeling off everything is easy when moving!

Trick #3: Tape Up Your Fridge – A white refrigerator isn’t just an eye sore, it’s passé. Now that there’s a slew of options, it’s time to get creative. Use washi tape to create wild designs on your fridge. You can get as intricate as you want. Unleash your inner artist!

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