Organize Your Living Room With Under-Sofa Storage

Organize Your Living Room With Under-Sofa Storage

Out of all the storage options available to home owners, under-sofa storage routinely gets overlooked. This innovative solution lets homeowners make the most out of their living room space. Instead of being limited to coffee tables, there are plenty of options under the sofa. Making the switch isn’t just practical, it empowers homeowners with a viable solution. This innovative method helps people tackle living room clutter without sacrificing the style we crave.

Making the most of your living room storage is as easy as getting the right game plan. Relying on traditional storage methods has failed us, so it’s time to try something new. Out of all the new styles, under-sofa organization reigns supreme. It gives clients the perfect way to transform their sofa into a delightful storage space. Our line of Modern Sofas is jaw dropping, so learn how to transform them into the perfect storage solution!

Under-Sofa Storage Tips

Tip #1: Create Your Own Under Sofa Tray – If you’re searching for the perfect DIY project, look no further. Creating your own under-sofa drawer is easier than many people think. Attaching a set of wheels to a homemade wooden drawer creates the perfect mobile solution. It can easily be pulled in & out of the bottom of the sofa. It’s unapologetically chic, so prepare to impress guests!

Tip #2: Storage Crates on Wheels – Even if you are short on time, there’s no excuse not to try this option. Instead of having to create your own drawer, this project is already half way finished. All that’s needed is a wooden crate & 4 wheels. Screw in a wheel to each corner & you have the ideal way to store anything under the sofa!

Tip #3: Create a Bookshelf Platform – There’s no need to scramble for a solution when the answer is sitting right in front of you. With all the space under the average sofa, there’s no excuse not to make a bookshelf platform. Making your own storage space isn’t just rewarding, it’s exceptionally cheaper than purchasing one that’s already made. Just make a few measurements & invest in some plywood to make this plan a reality!

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