What Your Coffee Table Says About You

What Your Coffee Table Says About You

The coffee table is the centerpiece to any living room, & it also says a lot about the owner’s personality. We provide an epic line of Coffee Tables, but having a good model isn’t enough. While having a nice coffee table is important, the state that you maintain it in says a lot about your character. From the amount of organization to the items you choose to decorate with, each personal touch is a reflection of your style.

There are a few tall-tale signs that give hints about your personality, & your living room is no exception. This is where most visitors are funneled into, so in many ways it’s a public representation of your character. There’s no right way to do it, but it’s still interesting to explore people’s personalities. Whether you want to cold read a new acquaintance or give a good impression, knowing these clues is essential. We have compiled a list of clues that can be found on your coffee table. Prepare to be surprised about what they say about you!

What Your Coffee Table Says About Your Personality

If it’s covered in keepsakes… The owner likely has a multi-faceted personality. This voracious appetite to experience new things is showcased throughout the house, but is especially evident on the coffee table. Each piece represents their creativity, which never ceases to surprise guests.

If the owners always use coasters… They are people who pride themselves on planning for the future. Instead of leaving things to chance, they think about long-term goals. This can be as simple as preserving their table, but it is probably reflected in how they take care of everything they own. By the same reasoning, if they never use coasters the owners tend to be more spontaneous. This can be both a blessing & a curse, depending on how overboard they go.

If the table is always organized… The owners are probably walking a tight rope between minimalism & perfectionism. From clothing to décor, they are impeccable in every aspect of their lives. While a perfectly preserved table highlights this, a messy table is usually owned by someone who is more creative. These people don’t have time for cleanup, since they would rather invest their energy in other projects.

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