3 Plants Every Living Room Needs

3 Plants Every Living Room Needs

Taking care of plants doesn’t have to be a nightmare, since picking the right species makes all the difference. Not all of us were born with green thumbs, & this is especially evident when trying to green up your living room. While a bunch of thriving plants can bring joy to any home, withered half dead foliage can ruin any décor. This isn’t just caused by neglectful caretakers, it can happen because they picked the wrong species of plants.

All plants have to be watered, but some are worlds apart when it comes to the frequency. While some will be half dead after a few days without watering, there are plenty of beautiful options that can take some abuse. This makes them the perfect option for those who are living on the go. Throw them on one of our epic Side Tables & you have one of the most vibrant décor additions available.

Between work & family, it’s hard to keep plants at the forefront of our plans. We all have more pressing matters to attend to, so don’t settle for a plant that’s too needy. Not all plants can handle neglect, which is why picking the right ones is essential. For this reason, we have compiled a list of the best plants for your living room. They can go a surprising amount of time without watering, so prepare to find the perfect addition to your living room!

Best Plants for Busy Caretakers

Plant #1: ZZ Plant – Native to East Africa, this plant knows how to survive in tough conditions. Not only does this plant conserve water, it can also thrive under low light. This is ideal for dimly lit apartments, which makes it appealing to anyone on a budget. It also grows horizontally, so it won’t ever hit your ceiling!

Plant #2: Monstera – This lush, leafy plant can turn any living room into a jungle. If your living room lacks style, this is the plant for you. Its broad leaves grow irregularly, which adds character to any décor. The only drawback is it needs a lot of light, so place it next to a window!

Plant #3: Orchids – These plants are a little higher maintenance, but they will still thrive with minimal guidance. They are perfect for honing your green-thumb, & they are gorgeous additions to any living room. Give them a little extra light & they will revolutionize your living room!

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