Clean These 3 Places To Enjoy Holiday Trips

Clean These 3 Places To Enjoy Holiday Trips

The holidays are approaching fast, and many of us will be travelling to visit loved ones. This can be simultaneously exciting and stressing, since there are always loose ends to take care of before you go. No matter how long you are going to be gone for, some things in your home need to be addressed. Leaving them as is isn’t just procrastination, it can leave a mess for when you return.

To get the most out of the holidays, there are a few places that need to be cleaned in your home. These range from obvious to easy to forget, but they all make a difference. Bless your trip with some much-needed piece of mind by tackling these projects before you go. They will make your holiday that much more enjoyable, so don’t neglect these simple tasks!

Places to Clean Before Holiday Trips

Spot #1: The Fridge – This is the focal point of any foodie’s home, and it can get out of control surprisingly fast. From rotting produce to expired leftovers, there are plenty of reasons to examine your fridge. Make sure to toss out anything that will go bad during your trip. This ensures that you don’t come home to an unwanted science project!

Spot #2: The Bathroom – Just like the fridge, your bathroom is unavoidable. Make sure this essential part of the house is a nice welcome by cleaning it before you go. This includes the counters and lighting. If you are trying to spice up the decor, take a look at our gorgeous selection of Wall Sconces!

Spot #3: The Sink – Out of all the introductions to your house, few are more depressing than dirty dishes. No matter how packed your schedule is, make time to wash everything in the sink. This ensures that mold spores don’t take over your kitchen during your holiday getaway.

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