Add Holiday Cheer With These DIY Pinecone Decorations

Add Holiday Cheer With These DIY Pinecone Decorations

Out of all the holiday decorations, none are more versatile than pinecones. They are nature’s gift, so take advantage of their ample availability this winter. Depending on where you live, your home can be surrounded with potential holiday decorations. In the right areas, pinecones are more common than snow. For this reason, doors are opened up to a slew of potential decorating options. All that’s necessary is getting a bag and travelling to where pinecones are prevalent. From there you can collect as many pinecones as you can carry to use on new projects.

Their wide availability makes pinecones the prime material for holiday decorations. Once you make the pilgrimage and collect pinecones, you have access to a slew of decorating options. All that’s needed is a little time and creativity to create something special. Even though the amount of decorating options is almost limitless with pinecones, picking the right project can be hard.

Everyone’s time is pressed during the holidays, which makes all projects an investment. To make sure our readers only participate in worthwhile endeavors, we compiled a list of DIY pinecone decorations. They are easier to implement than you think, so get festive with this natural material!

Festive Pinecone Decorating Ideas

DIY Project #1: Garland – While most garlands are made of mistletoe, this idea is adaptable. Everything from lights to pinecones can be used in this method. By stringing together multiple pinecones, a new breed of garland is created. This can be draped over everything from tables to mantel pieces, so let your imagination run wild!

DIY Project #2: Table Centerpiece – This can be done many ways, but it isn’t complete without pinecones. By adding pine trimmings and dried berries into the mix, making a table centerpiece has never been simpler. Encircle a candle and display it on your dining room table. This decoration can be applied to lighting fixtures to liven up the office. Pick one of our Modern Lamps to start getting festive!

DIY Project #3: Christmas Ornaments – Attaching a bow and a few amenities easily transforms any pinecone into the perfect ornament. There’s no set rule to creating a pinecone Christmas tree ornaments, so make something that fits your style. Assembling them is addicting, so don’t be surprised if you end up creating more ornaments than you planned on!

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