Stylish Ways to Accommodate Book Collections

Stylish Ways to Accommodate Book Collections

Out of all the groups of people battling clutter, book lovers are all too familiar with the struggle. This is due to the fact that any respectable book collection takes up a surprisingly large amount of space. Having anywhere from twenty to a hundred books ensures that you are scrambling to accommodate everything. Despite occupying a shocking amount of real estate, most people can’t part from traditional books. Kindle can never replace the magic of opening up a quality book, which is why it will never completely go out of style.

Even though paperback books aren’t obsolete, bending over backwards to store them is. Fortunately for the creative bookworm, there are plenty of ways to streamline book storage. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best ways to accommodate books in style. These techniques will revolutionize the state of your décor, so get rid of the clutter today!

Classy Methods to Store Books

Technique #1: Vertical Bookcases – When there’s no space to go out, it’s time to build up. In the last few years, vertical bookcases have become a godsend for space deprived readers. They provide the perfect solution that’s practical and looks good while solving the problem.

Technique #2: Stack Under Coffee Tables – Even though this may be a little risqué, it provides an easy alternative for those who need an answer now. To get your books under control, organize and stack them under your coffee table. For those who crave something new, browse our wide selection of Coffee Tables to find the perfect addition to your home!

Technique #3: Fill the Hallways – For most people, hallways are dead areas when it comes to décor. Defy this stereotype by converting a wide hallway into a full-fledged library. Stacking books above and below a bench can tame even the largest book collections!

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