Make Your Walls Functional With These Additions

Make Your Walls Functional With These Additions

Even though most people fill their walls with artwork, there are more practical ways to use this space. Instead of focusing entirely on aesthetics, some home owners are taking advantage of hidden opportunities. By adding a functional element to the walls, client’s can enjoy the best of both worlds. They get the benefits of improved functionality without sacrificing modern style. It’s a balance that many people dream of, but few actually achieve it. This isn’t due to it being hard to implement, since making use of wall space is surprisingly simple.

Instead of bending over backwards to decorate your walls, it’s time to make your walls work for you. There’s a slew of innovative options that can transform the blandest wall into a fully functional work space. Many people overlook these options, so we decided to do our readers a favor. After diving into the subject, we were able to compile a list of ideal wall projects. These additions will make your walls more functional, so don’t hesitate to implement these ideas!

Ways to Make Walls Functional

Idea #1: Install Cork – Quit looking for ideas by creating a way to easily hang inspiration on your walls. After installing a layer of cork, your wall is filled with possibilities. There’s no end to the things that can be stuck to it, and they can be rotated on a whim. This undeniable versatility has made installing cork one of our favorite wall options. It also creates a rich texture, so there’s no excuse not to try it!

Idea #2: Add Storage Space – Just because most people miss out on this option doesn’t mean it should be ignored. By creating more storage options on your wall, getting rid of clutter becomes a breeze. Browse our epic selection of Modern Bookcases to find the perfect way to utilize your wall space!

Idea #3: Go Green – Installing a vertical garden isn’t just refreshing, it can invigorate your décor. This burst of vegetation provides a soothing effect that can be felt throughout the house. They are easy to install and relatively low cost, so don’t neglect your green thumb!

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