Remove Clutter From Your Home With These DIY Projects

Remove Clutter From Your Home With These DIY Projects

Out of all the tools in our arsenal, DIY projects are the best way to fight off clutter. It’s a new year, which means that we are still inundated with junk from the holidays. Things that were cute a few weeks ago have transformed into eyesores. Most of us were thrown into a hectic work week, which means we didn’t do all the cleaning we wanted.

As the weeks fly by, it’s easy to accept the clutter accumulating in our houses. Even though everyone is still reeling from the holidays, DIY projects are still the best bet. Unbeknownst to most home owners, plenty of projects can be completed after work. For this reason, we compiled a list of DIY projects to help our readers combat clutter. Not every DIY project has to be complicated, but the ones on our list are guaranteed to win back space. There’s no excuse not to try, so start organizing everything from last year!

DIY Projects to Unclutter Your Home in 2018

DIY Project #1: Wall Racks – If there’s no surface area available, it’s time to take advantage of your walls. Creating a hanging rack has never been easier, and a slew of simple styles are online. You can use anything from wood to leather, so let your imagination run wild!

DIY Project #2: Desk Trays – By creating a multilayered tray, winning back space on your desk is easy. Corralling everything into one area is easier than you think, so start compartmentalizing your office supplies. Browse our wide selection of Modern Desk Sets to find the perfect base for this transformation!

DIY Project #3: Drawer Dividers – Using drawers are nice, but items consume considerably less space when they are properly organized. Do yourself a favor by creating sections in your drawers. There are numerous tray designs that can help tame your drawer space!

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