3 Housecleaning Tips That Do More Harm Than Good

3 Housecleaning Tips That Do More Harm Than Good

Even though they are well-intentioned, many housecleaning tips do more damage than good. Despite being detrimental to cleaning, they continue to be passed down to new home owners. These myths have been repeated so many times that they have been accepted as viable solutions. This has unintentionally created a self-destructive cycle that too many home owners fall into. Instead of rethinking their stance, most people assume that the deterioration caused by these methods is normal.

It’s a new year, which means it’s time to rethink home cleaning. By abandoning cleaning tips that obviously don’t work, the stage is set for improvement. For this reason, we have compiled a list of common housecleaning tips that should be avoided at all costs. Not only are they detrimental to your décor, they steal attention away from solutions that actually work. Ditch these outdated methods and start cleaning your home like a pro!

Housecleaning Tips That Should Be Ditched

Housecleaning Tip #1: Cleaning Stone Surfaces with Vinegar – Even though vinegar is an essential tool to any home cleaner’s arsenal, there are limitations. On marble countertops and tile, vinegar actually causes damage while cleaning. Wiping down natural stone surfaces with vinegar has been proven to create etch marks and stubborn stains. Avoid these pitfalls by wiping down tiles and marble with diluted dish soap and warm water!

Housecleaning Tip #2: Dousing Fresh Carpet Stains with Cleaner – As soon as something spills, most people immediately saturate the stain with cleaner. While this is a natural response, it isn’t an effective way to get rid of carpet stains. Oversaturating the spill ruins carpet fibers and causes excess moisture to get trapped in the floor pad. Home owners can avoid this pitfall by blotting & spritzing the stain with a cloth. If the stain is too out of control to tame, explore our wide selection of Modern Rugs to cover it with!

Housecleaning Tip #3: Cleaning Rust Stains with Bleach – We love bleach as much as the next cleaner, but its potency is counterproductive on rust stains. The chemicals in bleach are so potent that their oxidizing agents accelerate the spread of rust. Save yourself the extra work by cleaning rust stains with lemon juice and salt paste!

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