Use These Tips to Decorate With Roommates

Use These Tips to Decorate With Roommates

Decorating is hard enough on your own, so compromising is essential when living with roommates. Having the extra heads in the house can be a blessing and a curse, especially when choosing new décor. From outlandish additions to quirky requests, nothing is surprising when multiple minds combine. Everyone has a different idea of what’s beautiful, which can lead to surprisingly heated arguments. For this reason, settling on décor between roommates needs to be negotiated diplomatically.

Even though the amount of décor options is limitless, a few tips can make decorating with roommates easy. There’s a lot to be said about mediating a decorating extravaganza, especially if everyone is at odds. For this reason, we compiled a few sure-fire tips to help everyone get what they want. Decorating with roommates doesn’t have to be emotional, so streamline the process with this advice!

Tips for Decorating Peacefully with Roommates

Tip #1: Embrace New Colors – Not everyone is going to share your taste in colors, so don’t count on it. For those who love variation, this is a blessing. Unfortunately, not everyone is trying to experience radiant colors in their living space. Unless you pick your roommates based on color preferences, the living room is going to have to accommodate everyone’s tastes.

Tip #2: Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary – No matter what décor fiascos take place around the apartment, your bedroom is a safe space. This can be home to any items that your roommates don’t want in the living room. From family heirlooms to odd hobbies, no one can tell you how to decorate your bedroom.

Tip #3: Value Function Over Form – Most squabbles amongst roommates stem from disorganization. No one likes seeing unwashed dishes or other people’s mess, so avoid it with your décor. By providing plenty of storage options, guiding roommates into being orderly becomes easy. Avoid the argument by browsing our wide selection of Mid-Century Storage options!

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