Discover 3 Industry Secrets For Doing Laundry

Discover 3 Industry Secrets For Doing Laundry

While it’s an elementary task, a few tricks can make doing laundry wildly more effective. From cleaning options to methods for dealing with the freshly cleaned products, every aspect of laundry has its needs. Even though many parts of doing laundry are obvious, they remain hidden secrets. This is due to the fact that many people automatically assume that they know what they’re doing. While they may know the general approach, there are plenty of ways to optimize cleaning.

Unfortunately, doing laundry properly is a lot more than simply loading up the washing machine and pressing a button. To give our readers a feel for what they are missing, we consulted a few businesses that wash ungodly amounts of laundry. What they told us was eye-opening, since they have access to plenty of industry tips. For this reason, we compiled a list of insider secrets that revolve around laundry. They are extremely simple to implement, so there’s no excuse not to improve your approach to doing laundry!

Tricks to Doing Laundry Like a Pro

Tip #1: Modify the Heat – While cranking up the drying temperature is great for white towels; it can reek havoc on colored ones. Colorful fabrics tend to bleed when exposed to excruciating temperatures. For this reason, set the machine on warm when washing items that are full of colors.

Tip #2: Stay Attentive – Taking advantage of the elusive post-cleaning fluff is as simple as being alert. As soon as the washing machine chimes, make it a habit to start folding. This will keep towels super-soft & ensure that you don’t procrastinate. To speed up the folding process, equip your laundry room with one of our Modern Lighting options!

Tip #3: Don’t Use Too Much Detergent – It’s time to start treating your fabrics like your hair. While we all want things to be extra-clean, overloading the washing machine with detergent isn’t the answer. Using too much detergent wears on clothes and causes towels to stay stiff. To avoid over treating fabrics, use half the amount of cleaner that’s recommended.

Ironically, fabric softener is also counter-productive. Instead of preserving towels, it actually leaves behind a thin coating that reduces absorbency. For this reason, only use fabric softener once every three washes. This cuts down on costs, so save your clothes by being frugal!

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