Make Your Studio Apartment Comfortable With These Layouts

Make Your Studio Apartment Comfortable With These Layouts

Faced with skyrocketing rent prices, more people are having to settle for studio apartments. This is becoming all too familiar in major metropolises such as New York City and San Francisco. Normal apartments are going for over $3,000 a month, which is unfeasible for most renters. These outrageous prices for subpar living areas are forcing clients to get creative. Instead of moving to cheaper cities, many are choosing to live in smaller spaces.

While switching to a studio apartment can be shocking, utilizing a few key layouts make the change less drastic. It’s amazing what a difference furniture organization can make, especially when there’s no space to lose. For this reason, we compiled a list of the best layouts for studio apartments. They have the potential to open up even the most cramped spaces, so don’t hesitate to utilize them!

Best Studio Apartment Layouts of 2018

Layout #1: Split the Room in Two – Instead of settling for a hotel room look, it’s time to separate the two main attractions. By placing your sofa on one wall and the bed on the opposite wall, the two spaces are defined. This eliminates the hassle of having guests congregate at the foot of your bed.

Layout #2: Win Back Privacy – When entering a studio apartment, the main item that confronts guests is usually the bed. This instantly makes the apartment feel even smaller, since visitors feel like they are encroaching on private space. Avoid this pitfall by dividing things up with furniture. Our wide selection of Modern Bookshelves create the perfect dividers that are just as stylish as they are functional!

Layout #3: Float the Sofa – Just because everything is crammed into one room doesn’t mean that things have to feel uncomfortable. Separate your bed from your sofa to create the illusion of more space. It’s the perfect tweak for those who are running out of options!

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