Avoid Accidentally Hoarding by Eliminating These Cleaning Blunders

Avoid Accidentally Hoarding by Eliminating These Cleaning Blunders

When diving into a spring cleaning project, there’s a thin line between organizing for later and hoarding. While everyone wants to get their home clean for warmer weather, only a few do it efficiently. Instead of getting rid of unnecessary items, many people store them under vague pretexts. From used appliances to unnecessary accessories, there are plenty of ways to cling onto clutter. Despite the fact that these pitfalls are laced with good intentions, they should be avoided at all costs.

To avoid halfheartedly cleaning out your home, there’s a few mistakes that need to be avoided. After consulting interior decorators and home owners alike, we compiled a list of the most common cleaning mistakes. It’s surprisingly simple to hoard unwanted items, so get tough on clutter by avoiding these pitfalls!

Mistakes to Avoid When Cleaning

Mistake #1: Bending Over Backwards for Your Wardrobe – If you have to invest in closet organizers and shoe racks, odds are you’re trying too hard. While it’s painful parting ways with beloved clothing items, there comes a time when you need to throw them out. Instead of investing in tools to organize obsolete fashion knacks, make money by getting rid of them. Sell them on craigslist or donate them to a local thrift store!

Mistake #2: Throwing Paperwork into One General File – Throwing all your paperwork into one storage area is a simple minded nightmare. While this provides a quick fix for decluttering your desk, it catches up to you later. Paperwork should always be stored in specifically labeled folders, which helps avoid holding onto obsolete documents. Instead of drowning in unnecessary items, browse our diverse selection of File Cabinets. They will help you stay organized so you can shred any papers that aren’t useful!

Mistake #3: Filling Baskets with Random Chargers – From junk drawers to media bins, this pitfall comes in many forms. While it feels useful having tons of chargers, most electronics can be charged with one charger type. For this reason, dive into your decorative baskets and decide which cords are obsolete. You will be surprised by how many electronics have been phased out, so don’t haunt your house with their chargers!

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