Liven Up Dark Apartments With These Lowlight Plants

Liven Up Dark Apartments With These Lowlight Plants

Living in big cities means making sacrifices, and not getting enough light is one of them. When your building is surrounded by skyscrapers, losing natural lighting is a given. From studio apartments to high rise renters, every place could use more light. While this arrangement is slightly uncomfortable for humans, it can be detrimental for most plants. All vegetation needs light, which is why dark apartments have gotten a bad rep.

For those who have to take an apartment that’s abandoned by the sun, there’s still plant options. Not all species require the same amount of light, which makes them ideal for dark spaces. Instead of abstaining from living décor, it’s time to get creative. From strategic placement on one of our Modern Sideboards to picking the right plants, there’s plenty of viable choices. For this reason, we compiled a list of plants that can thrive with minimal lighting. Their resilience is unmatched, so start adding some green to your apartment!

3 Plant Species That Don’t Need Much Light

Plant #3: Begonias – As long as overwatering is avoided, this species can survive almost anywhere. Begonias offer a wide variety of leaf colors that can invigorate even the most neglected décor. The best part is, they don’t require direct light to thrive. Water them sparingly and they will become the most flourishing addition to your home!

Plant #2: Swedish Ivy – For those who are complete novices when it comes to gardening, this plant is a godsend. This trailing plant grows extremely fast in a variety of growing conditions. Their versatility makes them ideal for hanging planters in low light homes. Adding some green to your décor has never been easier!

Plant #1: Mint – Out of all the low light plant species, this is the most attractive. On top of being able to use the leaves for teas and cocktails, mint is low maintenance. Its natural habitat is bogs, and if it stays moist mint can grow in the most adverse conditions. This delicious plant is just as aromatic as it is visually pleasing, so take advantage of its features!

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