Fix Ugly Rentals With These Simple Decorating Ideas

Fix Ugly Rentals With These Simple Decorating Ideas

When moving into a rental, there’s always something that won’t conform to your expectations. From obscene paint jobs to outdated build-ins, every place renters face is far from perfect. While these décor fiascos can be alarming, they aren’t deal breakers. With a little guidance and plenty of tact, renters can revamp their décor without making permanent changes. Now that the internet is overflowing with easy to implement home remodeling ideas, there’s no excuse to settle for ugly décor.

Instead of feeling helpless, it’s time for renters to take their décor into their own hands. The remedies to common design blunders that owners make are easier to implement than most people think. To highlight this point, we compiled a list of decorating ideas for renters. On top of being effective at fixing eyesores, each remedy is extremely easy to execute. These ideas can transform even the most outrageous home, so don’t hesitate to take advantage of them!

Best Decorating Ideas for Renters

Decorating Idea #1: Hide Imperfections in Walls – One of the main problems of renting is not knowing who had the place earlier. From melees to abusive relationships, there are plenty of ways that walls get destroyed. Depending on how attentive the owner was, patching up these eyesores isn’t always seamless. To cover up any imperfection on the walls, start installing paneling. This transforms abused walls into stunningly uniform surfaces, so don’t settle for past renter’s mistakes!

Decorating Idea #2: Customize White Tile – While white tiles cater to a wide variety of renters, it creates a very boring atmosphere. Fortunately, if your tastes are more extravagant white tiles aren’t a deal breaker. Add some much needed design to large patches of white tiles with removable decals. The sky is the limit to what you can design, so start adding a personal touch to your rental.

Decorating Idea #3: Cover Up Ugly Carpets – In many rentals, the carpet has seen better days. While renters aren’t entitled to ripping up wall-to-wall carpet, there are still options. By covering rooms with multiple rugs, the focus is turned away from the original carpet. Browse our robust selection of Modern Rugs to find the perfect additions to your home!

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