Cover Up Unattractive Tile Backsplashes With These DIY Tricks

Cover Up Unattractive Tile Backsplashes With These DIY Tricks

When it comes to décor party fouls, tile backsplashes routinely take the lead. Not everyone has the same tastes, and nowhere is this more evident than in the kitchen. From horrific tiles to outdated color schemes, backsplashes are ground zero for both renters and home buyers. To make the problem worse, this offense is too obvious to ignore. Most residents will visit the kitchen at least once a day, so there’s no escaping an ugly backsplash.

Even though running into an unappealing kitchen backsplash is almost guaranteed, it isn’t a deal breaker. Armed with a few strategic tools, anyone can transform their backsplash. This issue is so common that the internet is flooded with DIY ideas. While some of them are amazing, not all backsplash fixes are worth implementing. To provide some clarity, we compiled a list of the best ways to fix ugly tile backsplashes. They are surprisingly easy to implement, so quit punishing yourself and start tackling the issue!

Best Ways to Fix Old Tile Backsplash

Technique #1: Utilize Vinyl Stickers – Before going overboard and retiling your kitchen, it’s time to look into vinyl stickers. Nowadays there are so many designs to choose from that any kitchen can be saved. To go the extra mile, users can cover the vinyl stickers with a thin coat of polyurethane. This gives the appearance of expensive cement tiles, so don’t hesitate to adopt this upgrade!

Technique #2: Distract the View with Wild Décor – Not everyone has time to waste, which makes distraction a viable alternative. Instead of exerting energy on a makeover, do less by placing provocative décor in front of ugly tile. These range from colored appliances to lighting choices, so browse our selection of Modern Lamps to find the perfect addition!

Technique #3: Paint It – While most people cringe at the idea of painting tile, many times it’s the best option. As long as it’s carefully applied, this remedy has the potential to revolutionize your kitchen. There’s no reason to settle for ugly tile work, so transform it with your favorite color!

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