Meet the Plant Species That Look Best When Hung

Meet the Plant Species That Look Best When Hung

Faced with less space, nature lovers are having to get creative when storing plants. In a world where studio apartments can exceed $1,000 a month, this trend isn’t surprising. When there’s no place to properly store plants in traditional pots, it’s time to start hanging them. While this idea may seem wild, there’s no other easy alternative. Hanging plants simultaneously solves multiple problems while adding a stylish touch to any room. It’s a classy way to accommodate more plants, which provides soothing properties to your home.

In a stressful society, the last thing anyone wants to miss out on is indoor plants. They provide a much needed touch of therapy, so don’t skip these essential additions. Even though hanging plants is a moderately new idea, the internet is filled with clever ways to accommodate plants. To give our readers some inspiration, we compiled a list of the best plant species to hang up. They can refresh any décor, so don’t miss out on this welcome trend!

Best Plants to Hang in Your Home

Plant Species #3: Spider Plant – Sporting long, lanky leaves that droop over the pot, this plant needs strategic placement. While it’s awkward to accommodate on a windowsill, spider plants shine when hung. The slender leaves are the perfect contrast for any setup. To make things even more appealing, this plant is easy to take care of. As long as it gets a little light and moderate watering, it will continue blessing your décor!

Plant Species #2: Burro’s Tail – This exotic looking plant adds a Western touch to any room. Its leaves are beefy and come off as long braids. Burro’s tail is also pretty tough, since it can withstand hot, dry climates. All it needs is steady sunshine, light and sporadic watering’s to continue dominating its surroundings!

Plant Species #1: Baby’s Tears – Despite what its name implies, this plant is a joyful addition to any home. Their fast growing vines sport gorgeous little leaves that cascade around the pot. To further highlight this plant’s contagious features, browse our wide selection of Modern Pendant Lights. They provide the perfect backdrop for a room filled with plants!

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