Add Some Style to Oak Wood Cabinets With These Tips

Add Some Style to Oak Wood Cabinets With These Tips

Even though they are eyesores for most renters, there are plenty of ways to spice up oak wood cabinets. To appeal to large demographics, many home developers include wooden cabinets. While this may satisfy most renters, it fails painfully short of hip renters’ expectations. To make things even more frustrating, this style of cabinetry looks less appealing every year. Fortunately, having to rent an apartment with oak wood cabinets isn’t a deal breaker. Unbeknownst to most renters, they have more choices for renovations than they think.

Instead of cringing every time you enter the kitchen, it’s time to embrace oak cabinets and adjust accordingly. You are not alone in this predicament, since most renters are faced with this conundrum. Thanks to this common problem, the internet is brimming with creative ways to fix it. From adding distracting décor to painting in strategic places, there are many ways to make wooden cabinets look stylish.

To give our readers that are renting hope, we compiled a list of ways to compliment oak wood cabinets. They are easy to implement and can be easily reversed when it’s time to move out. There’s no reason to stick to unappealing décor, so use these tips to make your rental kitchen appealing!

Tricks for Upgrading Oak Wood Cabinets

Tip #3: Revamp Your Hardware – While ripping out the cabinets is usually off the table on most rental contracts, upgrading the hardware isn’t. Any purchase you make will either go towards rent or be removed when you decide to leave. This is a blessing, since it gives renters the green light to purchase new hardware. It’s amazing what a new dishwasher or fridge can do to an outdated kitchen. For this reason, let your budget be your guide while making these improvements!

Tip #2: Add a Complimentary Color – If purchasing new hardware is too costly, there are cheaper solutions. Instead of trying to outshine elderly cabinets, users can paint the surrounding walls complimentary colors. If the landlord is strict you can use removable decals, so there’s no excuse not to add some contrast!

Tip #1: Switch the Focus with Wild Décor Pieces – Another surefire way to highlight wooden cabinets is installing wild pieces. It’s amazing how much a vibrant object can contrast with the otherwise dull wood cabinetry. Browse our epic selection of Modern Wall Panels to find the perfect way to liven up your kitchen!

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