Embrace Summer By Storing All Your Rugs

Embrace Summer By Storing All Your Rugs

Summer is all about making changes, and getting rid of your rugs is one of them. Instead of sticking to the same setup, it’s time to liven things up as the weather gets warmer. Out of all the ways to shed winter décor, temporarily storing rugs steals the show. This simple solution is a great way to curb the amount of items in your living room. On top of providing a minimalist touch, it allows other areas of your home to shine. From décor to furniture, everything in your living room could use a little more attention.

Despite being one of the easiest ways to revive your home, most people keep using rugs throughout summer. This doesn’t just make things mundane, it completely defies everything that this time of year is about. Summer is all about livening up your décor, so take advantage of this solution. Even though most people overlook this vibrant alternative, it’s completely free to store your rugs. To help our readers revive their décor, we compiled a list of reasons to ditch rugs this summer. There’s no reason to conform to winter’s demands, so start thinking differently with this article!

3 Reasons to Ditch Rugs This Summer

Reason #1: It Showcases the Floor – Whether you have tile or wooden floors, they need an opportunity to shine. Removing rugs is the perfect way to achieve this, since it finally uncovers what lies beneath. Further compliment this move by adding some lacquer to the floors. This simple step makes your room look completely different, so switch things up this summer!

Reason #2: You Can Eat Without Fear – While rugs are great to warm up your décor, they do pose an unescapable problem. Eating on top of rugs isn’t just risky, it detracts from enjoying your food. During summer the rules slowly fade away, and eating in different areas becomes more appealing. Add some peace of mind by removing rugs from both your dining and living room!

Reason #3: Rugs Distract from Your Furniture – Enjoying summer is all about switching the focus, and nothing achieves this better than ditching rugs. Highlight your living room furniture by letting them stand alone. If your existing pieces aren’t up to par, browse our collection of Modern Coffee Tables to find the perfect addition!

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