5 Creative Wedding Gifts for the Registry-less Couple

5 Creative Wedding Gifts for the Registry-less Couple

Wedding season is in full effect which means whether you are a guest or a part of the wedding party, you have to get the couple of honor a gift. Okay…let’s backtrack, it’s not a mandate, but you should…you really should get them a gift. So, for all those that are planning on getting a gift, keep reading.

When it comes to getting a wedding gift, it’s very easy. You follow the registry that was carefully created to make shopping simple. I mean it’s a list of things that brides and/or grooms have decided they want or need. It can’t get much easier than that, right?

Wrong, it can get harder!

There is a myriad of issues that could arise when wedding gift shopping. Sometimes everything listed on the registry is already purchased, what’s left on the list is way beyond your price range, the remaining items are in the “did-you-seriously-ask-someone-to-get-you-this” range, or the engaged couple could just be the type who didn’t even create a wedding registry because…they are terribly busy people.

But whatever your motive is that caused you to purchase a non-registered, one-of-a-kind gift, this list is for you. Check out 5 wedding gifts to get this wedding season.


Who doesn’t love art? If you know the style of art the soon-to-be-married couple likes than nothing says “thanks for letting me witness your special day” than a nice piece of art.

Pictured: Foxtails Canvas Wall Art

Accent Chair

Try getting the couple something they are actually going to use, like a cute accent chair. It has multiple purposes, i.e., dolls up a room, you can sit in it, it is a great clothes hamper. Whatever purpose it ends up serving, the couple of honor will love it.

Pictured: Risom Lounge Chair

Wine Rack

When you get older, there is an unwritten adult handbook and within that book “wine racks” are definitely listed as something one should own when they are trying to adult. Nothing says “hello, welcome to our home and new marriage” like a wine rack.

Pictured: Scroll Rack Bookends


Decanters are the best tool to use when hosting any dinner party. They are beautiful and make for a better table piece than a wine bottle. You can also upgrade your decanter by having it personalized for the couple.

Pictured: Perfect Decanter 


“Please leave the light on” is what your gift receiver will be saying once they open their gift of an eye-catching piece of illumination. While this gift is definitely one that almost anyone will love, if your engaged couple is avid readers, bloggers or workaholics, then they will definitely appreciate the gesture when they are burning the midnight oil.

Pictured: Grammy Reader Lamp

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