GIVEAWAY: Enter Our Purrfect Giveaway With Tuft and Paw

GIVEAWAY: Enter Our Purrfect Giveaway With Tuft and Paw

As summer scratches away, we have a giveaway that you and your cat will both love!

We’ve teamed up with Tuft and Paw, a great company that has aligned itself to give cat’s their own luxe, modern home within your home. After seeing an excess of street cats being badly mistreated on the streets, the Tuft and Paw creators dedicated their lives to their kitty cause, which is to give housecats a beautifully crafted home as well as to give foster and homeless cats a home through their donate-a-bed program. With their program they offer a 50% discount to their customers who you choose to donate any of their products to a shelter, allowing them to serve the feline community the best way they know how, but give as many cats a home as possible.

Knowing the Tuft and Paw family is dedicated to giving cats great furnishing aligns with our purpose to give our customers great, iconic pieces of furniture at an affordable price.


We’ve teamed together to gift one of our followers a $100 gift card to Inmod.com and $100 gift card to TuftandPaw.com. The contest is an Instagram ONLY contest and will run from 12PM EST, September 12th to 12PM, September 13th.

For more information and to enter, please visit our Instagram page.

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