3 Easy Ways to Remove Wine Stains

3 Easy Ways to Remove Wine Stains

Whether you’re celebrating Galentine’s Day tonight with your gal pals or Valentine’s Day tomorrow with your sweetheart, there’s nothing worse than something like a spilled glass of wine ruining the mood. But if you act fast and keep these tips handy, you can get rid of those pesky red wine stains in a snap.

Before we begin its important to stress that you should ABSOLUTELY NOT scrub or rub the stain, at all! Blot, blot blot!

The fastest way to keep the stain from settling is to add moisture to the area. The tried and true remedy of pouring club soda on top of the spill and letting it sit it for awhile will always work time and time again.

Don’t have club soda handy? Another quick fix can be found right in your kitchen cupboard, salt! Generously spread salt all over the spill. Let it sit, overnight preferably, clean it with cold water and baking soda and you’re all set.

If the stain runs deep and you have time, then this DIY solution may be just for you. 3 parts hydrogen peroxide x 1 part dish soap. Add this mixture to the stained area, let it sit, and continuously add the solution until the stain goes away. This process doesn’t require any scrubbing, just time and a little patience.

Do you have your own cleaning remedies for getting rid of wine stains? Share them with us below!

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